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MLM Leads – How to NEVER Buy MLM Leads Again and Get it FREE

Should you buy MLM Leads?

NO you shouldn’t being buying cold MLM Leads.  There is one exception to that rule.  That’s if you are already making a 6 figures income consistently from your MLM Business.

Then you can take 10 – 20% of your income and test some MLM Leads source.  I’d be extremely careful with that type of business.

Local VS Online Targeted MLM Leads

Local MLM Leads is a dead phenomenal.  Why dedicate your resources (time and money) when you know that people you meet in person would still Google for more information anyway.

We are now on the international, global and worldwide landscape in business.  Instead focus on attracting online and targeted MLM Leads.

They are essentially folks search for a money making opportunity on the search engines now.  Some of them are existing MLM’ers searching for solutions to help build their business.  These are your best prospects.

Where to and How to Get MLM Leads FREE.

Let me share with you the 4 Best MLM Lead Sources.  I call them the 4 pillars FYIG

Facebook – The best use of Facebook in my business is to continue serving my hot audience by setting up ads for them to see more content and therefore building relationships.  I do not recommend paying for Facebook Ads to attract cold traffic.  It’s overpriced marketing and a waste of money.

The only thing close to that I would indulge in is cloned audience with retargeting which I talk about more in this FREE CLASS


For Facebook MLM Marketing Strategies, it comes down mainly to being an MLM or Make Money niche community active leader.  You can sit in those Facebook Groups and answer questions and help people all day then build relationships. That’s

YouTube – I am not a big fan of playing hero on Facebook because it’s not the best leveraged use of your time in my opinion.  But I would create a search engine optimized video on YouTube to answer questions and solve problems and then share it on Facebook.

That way, others with similar questions and problems can find the video and I can serve people for a long time with this one creation.

Instagram – Same rules with paying for Ads on Facebook apply to Instagram for me.  I would add that the proper use of hashtags can help attract some quality MLM Leads on both Instagram and Facebook for free.  Even if you spend money, it’s only to capture attention of a proven audience.

Google – Your creations from answering people and solving community problems can be applied to blogposts that can be ranked with simple strategies in Google search results.  We simply create on a answers and solution information on a consistent basis.  Within 1 year, you can easily have 100 pieces of content that will attract endless MLM Leads to your business

Here is my core process you will learn in my free class at:

The 3 Cs (Create Capture Convert)
C1 – Create search engine optimized content with common answers and solutions for your ideal prospect.

C2 – Capture the audience, their attention and contact information for followup with more value you create.

C3 – Convert them to sales, customers and new team members.

Build an Asset List (Money in the List)

Build Relationship with the List (Fortune)

Monetize the List with MSI

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