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7 Steps – How to Market an Idea For FREE

OK… let’s talk about how to market an idea.  In fact, i going to reveal in today’s lesson free and cheap marketing ideas to build a million dollar business.  That all depends on your views tho.

There are 7 steps I want to reveal to you here.  They are kinda like rules to operate in a real world.  In the real world, new ideas rule the world.

Step 1 – Use the internet.  In fact, the right word is ‘leverage’.  Leverage the internet.  In the internet is the core of human existence in this digital age.  Market your idea on the internet.

Step 2 – Know that most ideas will never turn to profits.  Know that these odds are against you especially if you don’t know and take the next 5 steps.

Step 3 – Avoid being emotionally attached to your idea.  Allow it to evolve.  Your idea ‘as is’ may not be the actual destination.  Be open to the fact that it’s ok to adapt you idea towards profits.

Step 4 – Market opinion is all that matters.  If the market says your idea is stupid.  Soak the opinion in and leverage it to refining it into what the market wants.  If you fight the market, your new idea will disappear for life.

BIG companies have to do the same.  Companies that buy ideas stay in business for a long time.  Humans are your customers and since they are always involving  especially in where their attention is and how they respond to information, you must be open… open PERIOD.

Without new ideas for inventions, the very meaning of technology would not exist. 

Step 5 – Research search keywords.  As related to your new idea, what are ideal prospects typing into online search engines.  If you research what these phrases are, you will win before getting started.

Most people with ideas will not do it.  That’s a major reason why most ideas are dead before execution.  There is no such thing as a new product marketing plan without research.  You should not be creating a product without research on the idea first.

How to market an idea for free

Step 6 – Create content related to your idea.  Here are 2 quick litmus tests for your idea:

1. Are there questions related to your idea being searched on Google today?  You can check on Google keyword planner.  It’s a free tool.  Just Google it.

2. Will idea solve an existing problem of people?  If you can’t answer this question or don’t know the answer or the answer is no, your idea is a bad idea.

So, you want to create online content like articles, video, audio that answers these existing questions of your market or solve existing problems of your ideal prospects who will be benefiting from your idea; at least potentially.

Here is another thing…

If an invention marketing companies approaches you for your idea and they don’t suggest content marketing, it’s because of 1 of 2 reasons…

1.  Your idea is so good and they want to patent and steal it from you or….

2.  They are not a real digital age marketing company.  At least, they do not know what they are doing.

Either way, I’d run…  The best way to bring your idea to the market is consistent, valuable and free content marketing.

Same rules goes on how to market an app idea.  This is the one thing that will make your new app idea stand out.

Content creation is simply the process of Investing (I) time and possible money in Learning (L) the area of expertise related to your idea, Doing (D) which is actual practicing when you can, and Teaching (T) in online articles, videos and audios.  I.L.D.T

Step 7 – Allow teaching which is content creation and market response to help you refine your idea.

OLA Tux Abitogun - How to market an idea
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