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What is SEO in Marketing?

What Does SEO mean in Digital Age Marketing?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.

Case in point… a friend of yours recommends a product to you but you want to be sure it’s what you want.

What is the first place you go to?  Google right… EXACTLY.

How it (SEO) Works

When you search for answer to a question on Google, YouTube, Yahoo or any search engine, Google spits out a few web pages to you in the search results.

Did Google create these websites?  Hell NO!

Google, YouTube etc… are just the media between you, the searcher and the content creator.  As a business owner, ranking high on the search results is where you want your web content to be showing.

How to do SEO

How do you rank your web content high in the search engines?  SEO a.k.a search engine optimization.

There are over 200 factors that determine how high you rank in the search engine when your prospect search.  But these are the top 2 and all you should care about.

1. Content – These big web networks such Google, YouTube, Facebook etc only care about one thing; theirs users’ experience. That’s it.  no more no less.  So quality creating quality content periodically is key.

2. Links to the Content – There are tons of ways to get other sites and web pages to link to your content.  The best way however is consistency in your content creation.

Watch this video for a quick SEO tutorial and link to more…

This activity of creating content creates money, massive brand and trust equity as by product. Your prospects start seeing you as the leader that you truly are in the market place.

Think about it.  Who else is answering your prospects questions on a regular basis.  Not a lot of people… ALMOST ZERO COMPETITION

You know the saying… “Give the people what they want and they will want more at any price that you want to charge for it.”

Here is SEO Wiki Definition

“Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results…”

YES… this is completely FREE traffic.  It just happens to be the best quality of traffic and leads as well.  Why?  They are searching which means, you don’t have to sell… ever….

Once you learn the fundamentals of SEO, a ton brick of SEO techniques will fall on you to your content and guess what… yours competition will never figure you out.

If you are into affiliate marketing, this is a skill you must learn.  The last thing you want to do is spend money on trying to sell other people’s product.

It just doesn’t work for an average affiliate marketer.  If you do it, you will lose thousands of dollars on buying traffic and get no where… FACTS.  Average Facts…

Lastly, there is no such thing as video marketing without SEO marketing.  There is but it’s like wasted effort.

Even if you are really good with Facebook Live videos and you convert to sales and revenue.

That money you make if any is called dead money.  Living money is money that you make over and over again from work that you do once . It’s synonymous to passive or residual income.

There are too many entrepreneur wanna be’s on the internet right now that’s getting caught up in the entrepreneurial rat race. Spending crazy to catch up (not keep up) with the Jonesies.

SEO marketing is a simple skill that will pay over and over for a long time without losing your life savings.  It’s organic traffic.  It’s green and the most self sustainable traffic generation strategy ever.

The most sustainable top producers all depend on organic traffic and money.  Don’t get it twisted.

If you see their paid ads, there is a very high chance that it’s designed to re-target existing audience and not to attract cold traffic. Start creating now…

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